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Custom Built Arcade Machines

Custom built arcade machines to your favorite theme. Click here to check out some of the cabinets that have already have been built. There are over 300 + classic Arcade games. All games are pre-loaded. Trackball in the center for all those favorite trackball games like Golden Tee and Championship Bowling. LED Lighted front panel. Other Features include: Music Videos, Jukebox, Karaoke Machine, Picture Gallery. Internet, Movie Player, and much much more. Click here to see more cabinets

Parrot Flight
My Drone Flight In Indianapolis Click On Picture Above To See
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Household Entertainment Solutions

Imagine every room in your home being able to access the internet, being able to go anywhere in your house and outside with your laptop without cables. Playing over 300+ classic arcade games, watching your entire movie collection, listening to your music collection, watching music videos, looking at your picture collection, and much much more from any TV in your house.

The kids will no longer be on your computer loading it up with junk you don't need and slowing it down to the point that you can't use it. E.T. Center is here to help. We can bring your house to the 21st century. The technology is there and we can help.

Movies Example

Arcade Cabinets

Arcade Machine

Arcade, Jukebox, Music Videos, and more..........

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Use your current TV and just hook up E.T. Center with a wired or wireless network and you are ready to go. Very affordable with one-on-one on-site training. We can train you to a level that you can understand. Call us today for a free demonstration and estimate.




Complete Home Systems

image 2

Every room in your house can access the ET Center......

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Computer Repair and Training

We can come right to your house. We have over 18 years of experience. We can diagnose and tell you what happened, what to do to prevent it, and fix it. We are down to earth and can talk to you in a language you can understand not some big computer terminology that you don't understand.

Classes are also available. We can come right to your house and train you at a pace that you are comfortable with. You are trained on your computer not one that you aren't familiar with.




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