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A typical In-House setup with an external 1.5 gig hard drive can hold as much as 800 movie, 14,000 songs, 300+ arcade games and more. Once the system starts getting full it is no problem. You can always add additional storage.

Just image being able to lay in bed and when there is nothing on TV you can flip over to ET Center and access every movie that you have in your collection. Kids will no longer be losing your DVD movies in their room. As soon as you buy a movie just burn it to the system and every room in the house can access it without the DVD. Take the original DVD and put it in a save place. It is not illegal to make a backup of your own movies. Take advantage of this great Home Entertainment System. Call for a free in-house demonstration 260-592-8763

Typical House Network
Wireless House Setup
Above is a typical In-House wired network diagram and a typical wireless house diagram. Your house will be able to access the internet and all devices in the house through one access point. That means you can share files, share printers, share hard drives, share one internet connection, and much more. E.T. Center uses this technology to give you access to one point for all your Movies, Music, Gaming, and much more. The options are endless. You can add as many rooms as you want, even garages and shops. Imagine working in the garage or shop and being able to listen to you music collection without adding a cd. You are just a couple of clicks away from a complete entertainment system.
Arcade Controls


Above you can see an Arcade Control system. You can plug this directly into the front of your ET Center that is connected to your TV and have Arcade Controls for you favorite games. Just set it on your coffee table or in your lap and away you go.

Kids are having friends over, no problem, just unhook the controls and move it to any TV in the house that is connected to ET Center. You can play the games on your system just by using the keyboard, but this gives you a more arcade feel with 2 player controls.


Basic 1 Room House System

(1 Room Only)

1.5 TG External Hard Drive (USB)  
Dell Optiplex GX260 512 Ram, 40 Gig Hard Drive, DVD  
3.5mm to RCA Hook Up  
Wireless Blue tooth Keyboard and Mouse  
ET Center Software Program
* 2 hr installation and training included in this package

** This is just for a one room system with no ability to add more rooms. Internet connection must be provided. Pricing may change. Pricing may go up or down based on when you order. Please call for a final quote. These prices are estimates.

Please call today 260-592-8763 for pricing. Additional training and installation will be billed at $15 per hour
Credit Cards Accepted
Credit cards are now accepted. Please call for a quote.


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