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Atari 2600
Atari 2600
Make sure you save the games to the right directory on your ET Center Hard Drive. The directory will be the ROM on your main ET Center hard drive. Make sure you put the Atari games under the Atari 2600 directory. For more detailed directions click here .
Game Name
32 in 1 (Atari) - 1990
9 to 5 (20th Century Fox) - Unreleased
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Mystery (M-Network) - Prototype
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin (M-Network) - Prototype
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (M-Network)
Anteater (M-Network) - Prototype
Arcade Pinball (Sears)
Artillery Duel/Chuck Norris Superkicks (Xonox) - 1983
Artillery Duel/Ghost Manor (Xonox) - 1983
Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak (Xonox) - 1983
Atari Video Cube (Atari)
BMX Airmaster (TNT Games) - 1989
Bank Heist (Action Hi-Tech)
Big Bird's Egg Catch (Atari) - 1983
Breakaway IV (Sears)
Busy Police (Zellers) - 1983
Challenge of Nexar (Spectravision) - 1982
Championship Soccer (Atari) - 1980
Chase (Sears)
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Ghost Manor (Xonox) - 1983
Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike's Peak (Xonox) - 1983
Circus (Sears)
Communist Mutants from Space (Cassette) (Starpath) - 1982
Deadly Discs (Telegames) - 1983
Death Trap (Avalon Hill)
Desert Falcon (Atari)
Diagnostic Cartridge (Atari)
Dice Puzzle (Panda Computer Games) - 1983
Dig Dug (Atari) - 1983
Dishaster (Zimag) - 1982
Dodge 'Em (Atari) - 1980
Dodger Cars (Sears)
Dolphin (Activision) - 1983
Donald Duck's Speedboat (Atari) - Prototype
Donkey Kong (Coleco) - 1982
Donkey Kong (CBS Electronics)
Donkey Kong Jr (Coleco) - 1983
Double Dunk (Atari) - 1988
Dragonfire (Imagic) - 1983
Dragonstomper (cassette) (Starpath) - 1982
Dragster (Activision) - 1980
Dumbo's Flying Circus (Atari) - Prototype
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Atari) - 1982
Earth Attack (Zellers)
Earth Dies Screaming (20th Century Fox) - 1982
Eggomania (US Games) - 1982
Elevator Action (Prototype) (Atari) - 1983
Eli's Ladder (Simage) - 1982
Encounter at L-5 (Data Age) - 1982
Enduro (Activision) - 1983
Entombed (US Games) - 1982
Escape From The Mindmaster (Cassette) (Starpath) - 1982
Espial (Tigervision) - 1984
Exocet (Panda Computer Games) - 1983
Exocet Missile (John Sands)
Fall Guy (20th Century Fox) - Prototype
Fire Fly (Mythicon)
Fireball (cassette) (Starpath)
Fisher Price (CCE)
The Fly (US Games)
Frogger, The Official (cassette) (Starpath) - 1983
Funky Fish (UA Limited) - Prototype
Fun With Numbers (Atari) - 1978
Ghost Manor/Spike's Peak (Xonox) - 1983
Golf (Sears)
Great Escape (Bomb) - 1983
Gunslinger (Sears)
H.E.R.O. (Activision) - 1984
Harbor Escape (Panda Computer Games) - 1983
Haunted House (Atari) - 1981
Holey Moley (Atari) - Prototype
Home Run (Atari) - 1978
Human Cannonball (Atari) - 1978
Hunt & Score (Atari) - 1978
I Want My Mommy (Zimag) - 1982
Ice Hockey (Activision) - 1981
Inca Gold (Zellers)
Ikari Warriors (Atari) - 1990
Immies & Aggies (Zimag/Emag/VidCo) - Prototype
In Search of the Golden Skull (M-Network) - Prototype
Incredible Hulk (Parker Brothers) - Prototype
Indy 500 (Atari) - 1977
Infiltrate (Apollo) - 1982
International Soccer (M-Network) - 1982
Intuition (Tigervision) - Prototype
Ixion (video game) (Sega) - Prototype
James Bond 007 (Parker Brothers) - 1983
Jawbreaker (Tigervision) - 1982
Journey Escape (Data Age) - 1982
Joust (Atari) - 1983
Jr. Pac-Man (Atari) - 1987
Jungle Fever (Playaround) - 1982
Jungle Hunt (Atari) - 1983
Kaboom! (Activision) - 1981
Kangaroo (Atari) - 1983
Karate (Ultravision) - 1983
Keystone Kapers (Activision) - 1983
Killer Satellites (Cassette) (Starpath) - 1982
King Kong (Tigervision) - 1982
Klax (Atari) - 1990 - Prototype
Knight on the Town (Playaround) - 1982
Kool-Aid Man (M-Network) - 1983
Kreuzfeuer (Spectravision) - Prototype
Krull (Atari) - 1983
Kung-Fu Master (Activision) - 1987
Kyphus (Apollo) - Prototype
Lady in Wading (Playaround) - 1982
Laser Blast (Activision) - 1981
Laser Gates (Imagic) - 1983
Laser Volley (Zellers) - 1983
Lochjaw (Apollo) - 1982
Lock 'N Chase (M-Network) - 1982
Locomotion (M-Network) - Prototype
London Blitz (Avalon Hill) - 1983
Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell (Parker Brothers) - Prototype
Lost Luggage (Apollo)
M*A*S*H (20th Century Fox) - 1982
M.A.D. (US Games) - 1982
Magicard (Commavid)
Malagai (Answer Software) - 1983
Mangia' (Spectravision) - 1983
Marauder (Tigervision) - 1982
Marine Wars (Konami) - 1983
Mario Bros. (Atari) - 1983
Master Builder (Spectravision) - 1983
Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man (M-Network) - 1983
Math (Sears)
Math Gran Prix (Atari) - 1982
Maze (Sears)
Maze Craze: A Game of Cops and Robbers (Atari) - 1978
Maze Mania (Sears)
McDonald's (Parker Brothers) - Prototype
Megaforce (20th Century Fox) - 1983
Megamania (Activision) - 1982
Meltdown (20th Century Fox) - Prototype
Memory Match (Sears)
Midnight Magic (Atari) - 1987
Millipede (Atari) - 1984
Miner 2049er II (Tigervision) - 1983
Miner 2049er (Tigervision) - 1982
Mines of Minos (CommaVid)
Miniature Golf (Atari) - 1979
Missile Command (Atari) - 1981
Missile Control (Video Gems)
Missile Intercept (US Games)
Mission 3000 A.D. (Bit Corporation)
Mission Survive (Video Gems)
Mogul Maniac (Amiga) - 1983
Montezuma's Revenge: Starring Panama Joe (Parker Brothers) - 1983
Moon Patrol (Atari) - 1983
Moonsweeper (Imagic) - 1983
MotoRodeo (Atari) - 1990
Motocross Racer (Xonox) - 1984
Mountain King (CBS Electronics) - 1983
Mouse Trap (Coleco) - 1982
Mr. Do! (Coleco) - 1983
Mr. Do's Castle (Parker Brothers) - 1983
Mr. Postman (Bit Corporation) - 1983
Ms. Pac-Man (Atari) - 1982
My Golf (HES) - 1990
Mystic Castle (M-Network)
Name This Game (VidTec) - 1982
Night Driver (Atari) - 1978
Night Stalker (Telegames)
No Escape! (Imagic) - 1983
Nova Blast (Imagic)
Nuts (Technovision) - 1983
Ocean City Defender (Zellers)
Off the Wall (Atari) - 1989
Oink! (Activision) - 1982
Omega Race (CBS Electronics) - 1983
Oscar's Trash Race (Atari) - 1983
Othello (Atari) - 1978
Out of Control (Avalon Hill) - 1983
Outer Space (Sears) - 1977
Outlaw (Atari) - 1978
Pac-Kong (Funvision)
Pac-Man (Atari)
Panda Chase (Home Vision)
Parachute (Home Vision) - 1983
Party Mix (cassette) (Starpath)
Peekaboo (Atari) - Prototype
Pelé's Championship Soccer (Atari)
Pelé's Soccer (Atari)
Pengo (Atari)
Pepsi Invaders (Atari) - 1983
Pete Rose Baseball (Absolute Entertainment)
Phantom Tank (Bit Corporation)
Phaser Patrol (cassette) (Starpath)
Philly Flasher (Mystique) - 1982
Phoenix (Atari)
Picnic (US Games)
Piece o'Cake (US Games)
Pigs In Space (Atari)
Pinball (Zellers)
Piraten-Schiff (Spectravision)
Pitfall! (Activision)
Pitfall II: Lost Caverns (Activision)
Planet Patrol (Spectravision)
Planeten Patrouile (Spectravision)
Plaque Attack (Activision)
Pleiades (UA Limited) - Prototype
Poker Plus(Sega) - 1979
Polaris (Tigervision)
Pole Position (Atari)
Pompeii (Apollo) - Prototype
Pong Sports (Sears)
Pooyan (Konami)
Popeye (Parker Brothers)
Porky's (20th Century Fox)
Pressure Cooker (Activision)
Pressure Gauge (John K. Harvey) - Homebrew, released 2000
Private Eye (Activision)
Q-bert's Qubes (Parker Brothers)
Q-bert (Atari)
Q-bert (Parker Brothers)
Quadrun (Atari)
Quest for Quintana Roo (Sunrise)
Quest for Quintana Roo (Telegames)
Quick Step (Imagic)
Rabbit Transit (cassette) (Starpath)
Race (Sears)
Racquetball (Apollo)
Radar Lock (Atari)
Radar (Zellers)
Raft Rider (US Games)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Atari)
Ram It (Telesys)
Rampage (Activision)
Reactor (Parker Brothers)
Realsports Baseball (Atari)
Realsports Boxing (Atari)
Realsports Football (PAL) (Atari)
Realsports Football (Atari)
Realsports Soccer (Atari)
Realsports Tennis (Atari)
Realsports Volleyball (Atari)
Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (20th Century Fox)
Riddle of the Sphinx (Imagic)
River Patrol (Tigervision)
River Raid (Activision)
River Raid II (Activision)
Road Runner (Atari)
Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot - The Joust (Xonox)
Robin Hood (Xonox)
Robot Commando Raid (VidTec)
Robot Tank (Activision)
Roc 'N Rope (Coleco) - 1984
Rocky and Bullwinkle (Telegames)
Rocky and Bullwinkle (M-Network) - Prototype
Rubik's Cube (Atari)
Save Mary (Atari) - Prototype
Save Our Ship (Technovision)
Scraper Caper (Tigervision)
Scuba Diver (Panda Computer Games)
Sea Battle (M-Network)
Sea Hawk (Froggo)
Sea Hunt (Froggo)
Seaquest (Activision)
Secret Quest (Atari)
Sentinel (Atari)
Shark Attack (Apollo)
Shooting Arcade (Atari) - Prototype
Shootin' Gallery (Imagic)
Shuttle Orbiter (Avalon Hill)
Signal Tracing Cartridge (Atari)
Sir Lancelot (Xonox)
Six Pack (20th Century Fox)
Skate Boardin': A Radical Adventure (Absolute Entertainment)
Skeet Shoot (Apollo)
Skiing (Activision)
Sky Diver (Atari)
Sky Jinks (Activision)
Sky Lancer (Tigervision)
Sky Patrol (Imagic) - Prototype
Sky Skipper (Parker Brothers)
Slot Machine (Atari)
Slot Racers (Atari)
Slots (Sears)
Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (Coleco) - 1982
Snow White (Atari) - Prototype
Sorcerer's Apprentice (Atari)
Space Attack (M-Network)
Space Combat (Sears)
Space Grid (Action Hi-Tech)
Space Maze (Telesys)
Space War (Atari)
Spacemaster X-7 (20th Century Fox)
Speedway II (Sears)
Spelling (Sears)
Spiderdroid (Froggo)
Star Ship (Atari)
Star Strike (M-Network)
Star Strike (Telegames)
Star Trek (Sega) 1983
Star Voyager (Imagic)
Star Wars Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle (Parker Brothers)
Star Wars Return Of The Jedi: Ewok Adventure (Parker Brothers) - Prototype
Star Wars: Jedi Arena (Parker Brothers)
Star Wars: The Arcade Game (Parker Brothers)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Parker Brothers)
Stargate (Atari)
Stargunner (Telesys)
Starmaster (Activision)
Steeplechase (Video Gems)
Steeplechase (Sears)
Stellar Track (Sears)
Strategy X (Konami)
Strawberry Shortcake: Musical Match-ups (Parker Brothers)
Street Racer (Atari)
Sub Scan (Sega) - 1983
Submarine Commander (Sears)
Subterranea (Imagic)
Suicide Mission (cassette) (Starpath)
Summer Games (Epyx)
Super Baseball (Atari)
Super Baumeister (Spectravision)
Super Breakout (Atari)
Super Challenge Baseball (M-Network)
Super Challenge Baseball (Telegames)
Super Challenge Football (M-Network)
Super Challenge Football (Telegames)
Super Cobra (Parker Brothers)
Super Crush (Tigervision)
Super Football (Atari)
Superman (Atari)
Surf's Up (Amiga) - Prototype
Surfer's Paradise: But Danger Below! (Video Gems)
Surround (Atari)
Survival Island (cassette) (Starpath)
Sword of Saros (cassette) (Starpath)
Swordfight (Telegames)
Swordfight (M-Network)
Swordquest: Airworld (Atari)
Swordquest: Earthworld (Atari)
Swordquest: Fireworld (Atari)
Swordquest: Waterworld (Atari)
Tac-Scan (Sega) - 1983
Tank Brigade (Panda Computer Games) - 1983
Tank City (Action Hi-Tech)
Tank Plus (Sears)
Tanks But No Tanks (Zimag)
Tapeworm (Spectravision)
Tapper (Sega) - 1984
Target Fun (Sears)
Task Force (Froggo)
Tax Avoiders (American Videogame)
Taz (Atari)
Tennis (Activision)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Wizard Video)
Threshold (Tigervision)
Thunderground (Sega) 1983
Time Pilot (Coleco) - 1983
Time Warp (Zellers)
Title Match Pro Wrestling (Absolute Entertainment)
Tomarc The Barbarian (Xonox)
Tomcat: The F-14 Fighter Simulator (Absolute Entertainment)
Towering Inferno (US Games)
Track & Field (Atari)
Treasure Below (Video Gems)
Trick Shot (Imagic)
Tron: Deadly Discs (M-Network)
Tron: Deadly Discs/Adventures of Tron (M-Network)
Tunnel Runner (CBS Electronics)
Turmoil (20th Century Fox)
Turmoil (Zellers)
Tutankham (Parker Brothers)
Up'n Down (Sega) - 1984
Vanguard (Atari)
Venture (Atari)
Video Checkers (Atari)
Video Chess (Atari)
Video Life (Commavid)
Video Olympics (Atari)
Video Pinball (Atari)
Vulture Attack (K-Tel Vision)
Wabbit (Apollo)
Wall Ball (Avalon Hill)
War Zone (Action Hi-Tech)
Warlords (Atari)
Warplock (Data Age)
Weird Bird (US Games)
Wing War (Imagic)
Winter Games (Epyx)
Wizard (Atari) - Prototype
Wizard of Wor (CBS Electronics)
Word Zapper (US Games)
Worm War I (20th Century Fox) - 1982
X-man (Gamex)
Xenophobe (Atari)
Yars' Revenge (Atari)
Z-Tack (Bomb)
Zaxxon (Coleco)
Zoo Fun (Home Vision)


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