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New Games
Make sure you save the games to the right directory on your ET Center Hard Drive. The directory will be the ROM on your main ET Center hard drive. Make sure you put the Atari games under the Atari 2600 directory, the Nintendo games under the NES directory, and so on. For more detailed directions click here .
Nintendo 64
Added 6/20/08
Buck Bumble
Blues Brothers 2000
Bottom Of The 9th
Rally Challenge 2000
Added 6/18/08
Army Men Air Combat
Bassmasters 2000
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling
Disney's Donald Duck Goin Quakers
Hydro Thunder
Lego Racers
NASCAR 2000 Racing
NBA Jam 2000
Rocket Robot On Wheels
Tigger's Honey Hunt
Virtual Chest 64
Virtual Pool 64
Added 6/20/08
American Idols
Ant Bully
Backyard Baseball 2007
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
M&M's Blast
NASCAR Heat 2000


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